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Retirement Income Planning

When you need help understanding how to plan your retirement income, you will have to review numerous aspects of your finances. At Ivanoff Advisors, we will take the time to understand your retirement goals and help you address simple questions like, “How much do I need to retire?” We will explain how your retirement age impacts your retirement income, and what retirement investments will best meet your retirement income planning needs.

We understand that retirement planning can feel complicated. We take all the needed steps to help you with your retirement income needs. We will address your needs and help you determine what investments, including annuity products, can help you make the most of your retirement income.

If you are in LA and Orange Counties, you can count on us to help you decide how to plan your retirement income. We will take the time to make sure you understand what investments will help you best meet your retirement income goals and make sure you are aware of how your retirement age impacts Social Security income. Retirement should be relaxing and worry-free. We will help you get the right wealth management tools customized to your retirement needs and make sure you understand the answer to “How much will I need to retire?”, so you can start on a path to preparing today.

Long Term Care

When planning for retirement, it’s easy to overlook long term care insurance, or LTC. After all, no one wants to imagine a day when they may not be able to care for themselves but purchasing long term care insurance is a key component in a comprehensive financial plan. People are living longer than ever, the cost of care is increasing, and Medicare doesn’t cover all the costs of long term care. It just makes sense to protect yourself — and your estate — by planning for this significant cost.

Thinking about LTC insurance now can save you a lot later. Investing in the right policy will protect you in the future by providing benefits when you need care. Even if you don’t utilize the benefits, your estate will receive the policy value, tax-free. Now is the time to plan ahead to mitigate future risk. When you’re ready to explore your options, we are here to help.

Assets Under Management

Ivanoff Advisors is committed to offering the best assets-under-management services available in the Orange County and LA County, Calif., area. We understand placing your assets under management is a big decision, and we take our responsibility to you seriously. We will develop the right assets-under-management strategies with your goals in mind. Regardless of whether you are saving for a college education for your children, preserving your wealth, or you have other personal financial goals, we will customize a package for you. We take your risk/reward tolerance into consideration and develop a plan that best meets your needs. We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to wealth management.

Wealth management involves more than managing a portfolio of assets, it also includes retirement income planning, determining the best time to take Social Security benefits, and knowing how much you will need to retire. We will also help you decide what additional services you may need, including annuities, long term care insurance, or life insurance. When you are ready to create a sound, financial plan designed to help you meet your financial goals for today and the future, contact us and let us help you create a plan customized to help you meet your short-term and long-term goals.

Wealth Management

When you work with Ivanoff Advisors, you can expect customized asset and wealth management services. We understand that you need someone who has a thorough understanding of the wealth management issues you are facing. We offer a broad range of wealth management products, including long-term care insurance, annuities, and other wealth management tools designed to ensure your wealth investment strategies are in line with your long-term financial goals. As a boutique firm, you can count on us for services tailored to meet your needs today, and in the future. Whether you need a strategy to maximize your Social Security income, an investment strategy to ensure your income in retirement, or you have other financial goals, we can help.

While some wealth management companies take a generic approach to asset wealth management, we take an all-around approach. We will review your current portfolio, determine how much income you need for retirement, ask about your wealth preservation needs, and help you find a wealth investment strategy that meets those needs and goals. When you are looking for a small firm with a big-firm approach to wealth management in LA and Orange Counties, contact Ivanoff Advisors and let us help you find the right wealth investment strategies for your needs.

Maximizing Social Security

This is one of the most common questions we’re asked at Ivanoff Advisors, and it’s easy to see why. Social Security payments play a key role in your retirement plan, and if you aren’t maximizing your benefits, you are losing out on an income stream that is guaranteed for life. When integrated into a comprehensive portfolio, Social Security income can help you shore up your financial future. We will work with you to optimize your payments. We’ll help you clarify your financial goals so you can make informed decisions about your future. Using a Social Security estimator is a first step toward determining how much Social Security pays. Our experts can help you determine the optimal time to apply, so you can focus on maximizing your benefits.

Before you apply for Social Security, we’ll use an estimator and analyze your benefits statement to answer the question: “How much Social Security will I get?” No matter where you are in LA or Orange County, contact us today to learn how we can assist with your retirement planning.

Investing in Retirement

Searching for investment advice is never easy. Residents of the Orange County and LA County, Calif., area are fortunate to have Ivanoff Advisors to help with all their retirement planning and investing needs. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to investing and retirement, we allocate the time to consider the unique needs of every client when developing your investment plan. Planning for retirement by having a solid investment plan in place is important to you; therefore, it is important to us.

You have likely decided the minimum amount of income you expect to have immediate access to during retirement. We will set up an investment strategy to preserve your wealth, minimize your exposure to losses, and help you meet your goals. A quality investment strategy must consider your needs for additional income. How will you supplement Social Security benefits and satisfy your wealth-preservation goals? Are you meeting your health care needs and reviewing long-term care insurance options? We will help you answer these important questions.

We will also take the time to ensure you’re not exposed to unneeded risks during periods of high stock market volatility by exploring all investment options that make sense for you. Contact us and find out what a difference getting customized investment advice can make for you and your family.