Paul Ivanoff, CEO/Founder

With over 40 years of experience in retirement planning, Paul has become somewhat of an industry mentor. It has been his privilege to visit with and structure a retirement for more than 6,000 families. Many of these folks were ready for retirement but their financial portfolios were not ready to provide income that could last up to 30 years. Paul has protected thousands of his clients from the nursing home, government taxation, market volatility and low yields from their banks. He finds it extremely rewarding to help his clients find income they didn’t know they had by maximizing their Social Security, 401(k)s, IRAs, savings and portfolios.

Paul prizes the independence of his practice. “I work for my client and no one else,” he says. “Being independent, I get to show my clients the best of everything, whereas If I worked at a bank or brokerage firm, they would only get to see products tied to fees.” Besides his belief in offering zero-fee annuities, Paul personally owns the products he offers. He provides same-day response times for his clients over a six-day work schedule. And he makes sure each client has a succession plan in place for their security. Part of these succession plans involve Paul’s son Travis, who has his Series 65 designation, and Paul’s wife Sadie, a former registered nurse who provides clients with Medicare advice.

Paul resides in Cypress, Calif., and he and Sadie have three sons and three daughters, “just like the Brady Bunch,” he jokes. In his free time, he enjoys working with Travis at the Pacific Coast Youth Foundation, a nonprofit for at-risk youth in Orange County. He is also an avid softball pitcher. Paul and Sadie have eight grandkids.

Travis Ivanoff, CLTC, CEO of Ivanoff Wealth Management

Travis has been licensed in the insurance industry for over 16 years. Growing up in the retirement planning business, Travis followed Paul’s footsteps, picking up his dad’s best practices along the way. Travis believes these years proved to him the importance of client relationships.

“I love connecting with my clients and building rapport. Some of my appointments have lasted as long as four hours,” he said, laughing. “I’m told I’m like family to some of my clients.”

Travis believes in taking the time to make sure his clients understand the investment subjects before them and which options provide the best fit for their retirement plan. His investment philosophy stresses that it’s not what you make, but what you keep, promoting a safety-first approach with various strategies for growth. The new company that Travis has founded, Ivanoff Wealth Management, offers clients an even deeper understanding of investment strategies.

Travis resides in Cypress, Calif. He is the vice president and development director for Pacific Coast Youth Foundation, a nonprofit for at-risk youth in Orange County that began as a memorial to his cousin Ernie.

Travis enjoys snowboarding, surfing, camping, fishing, and golf in his free time. He and his wife welcomed their second daughter together in October of 2023. They also have a golden retriever named Baloo.

Sadie Ivanoff, Medicare Specialist 

Sadie has an unwavering commitment to healthcare excellence. She brings over three decades of valuable experience to the field. With 34 years as a dedicated Registered Nurse (RN) and an impressive 22 years as a Health Insurance Advisor, Sadie stands as a seasoned professional ready to guide you through the intricacies of healthcare.

As an Independent Agent, Sadie possesses a unique blend of clinical expertise and insurance acumen. Her extensive background as an RN equips her with a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape, allowing her to navigate the complexities of the industry with precision and care. Over the years, Sadie has cultivated a reputation for being a trusted ally for those seeking personalized and comprehensive healthcare solutions.

What sets Sadie apart is her commitment to putting the needs of her clients first. Specializing in helping individuals enroll or change their health insurance plans, Sadie operates as an independent agent working with the top A-rated insurance carriers. This independence ensures that her clients receive unbiased, tailor-made solutions that align perfectly with their medical requirements.

In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, Sadie’s dedication to staying informed of industry trends and her commitment to ongoing education make her a reliable source of up-to-date information. Whether you’re exploring insurance options for the first time or seeking to optimize your current coverage, with Sadie, your health is not just a priority; it’s a passion.

Amber Rose, Operations Manager

Amber is a vital pillar of our financial planning team, serving as our Operations Manager and Compliance Coordinator. With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing, her expertise and dedication are instrumental in maintaining the efficiency and compliance of our operations.

Based in the sunny Huntington Beach, California, Amber’s professional journey has been characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence. She possesses an acute understanding of the intricacies of financial regulations and tirelessly ensures our firm adheres to the highest standards of compliance.

Beyond her work, Amber’s passion for fitness and knowledge of teamwork extend to her personal life. She’s a former collegiate volleyball player and continues to embrace an active lifestyle. In her downtime, you’ll often find her diving into a good book, a testament to her commitment to continual learning and personal growth.

Amber’s multifaceted expertise and unwavering commitment to our clients make her an invaluable asset to our team. She brings a combination of financial acumen, operational proficiency, and a genuine passion for helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Ashley Verret, Marketing Coordinator

Ashley is a dynamic member of our team, serving as the Marketing Coordinator. With a background that includes Saddleback Community College and a rich history of professional experience, she brings a unique perspective and skill set to her role.

Residing in the vibrant community of Los Alamitos, California, Ashley is a dedicated parent to her son, prioritizing family in her life. Growing up in Orange County, she has deep roots in the local community and a keen understanding of the needs and values of the people we serve.

Ashley’s career journey has been marked by 10 years of fast-paced, high-volume restaurant experience, where she honed her management skills over 4 of those years. This experience has equipped her with the ability to thrive in demanding environments, a valuable asset in the world of marketing.

Beyond her professional life, Ashley finds joy in cooking, gardening, and cherishing moments with her family. Her passion for cooking reflects her creativity, attention to detail, and her ability to craft experiences, which align seamlessly with her role in marketing.

Ashley’s diverse background and dedication to both her professional and personal life make her an valuable part of our team. Her ability to thrive in fast-paced environments and her passion for culinary arts bring a unique perspective to our marketing efforts, helping us better serve our clients.

Amber Pavlovich, Administrative Assistant 

Amber is a dedicated member of our financial planning team who brings a unique blend of academic and professional experiences to her role as Administrative Assistant. She began her educational journey at Fullerton College in 2015 and later pursued a degree in Computer Science at California State University, Fullerton in 2017.

Residing in vibrant Irvine, California, Amber is a loving parent to two children, a devoted partner to her husband, and a caregiver to two cherished cats. Her weekends are often filled with family adventures, including camping, hiking, and enjoying leisurely picnics in the great outdoors.

As a native of Orange County, Amber has a deep connection to the local community and its people. In her role as Administrative Assistant, she plays a pivotal part in maintaining the smooth operation of our financial planning firm. Known for her warm personality and dedication to creating an organized and welcoming environment, Amber is an essential asset to our team.

Amber brings a wealth of experiences and a strong commitment to our company culture. Her educational background and love for family and outdoor activities enrich the diversity of our team and enhance the services we provide to our clients.